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NEW IFPED LinkedIn Group: Kristin Dixon

NEW IFPED LinkedIn Group

Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Author: Kristin Dixon

Our community of innovators drives development from the beginning of consumer product life, by sourcing the right materials and equipment – to the end of product life, by creating packaging that is sustainable and differentiated on shelves.

Within our Division, you’ll find scientists, engineers, senior R&D directors, machinery experts, production managers, marketing directors, CEOs and more who are contributing to the advancement of flexible packaging, so our tides rise together as an industry. Our members truly reflect the entire spectrum, from suppliers to converters to brand owners.

Using technical expertise as our foundation and consumer data as our fuel, we transfer best business practices, growth opportunities, and technology innovations to all our members so you can work better across the value chain and better anticipate current and future needs of consumers.

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