Courses & Webinars

Process Melt Temperature Measurement & Improvement in Extrusion Coating and Laminating

Recorded on Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019, 10:00 AM EST | Webinar

Presented by Andrew Christie, Managing Director SAM North America, LLC.
This webinar reviews some of the critical inside-the-extruder variables that influence down- and cross-web variability of melt temperature. It summarizes the root causes of the interactions and presents both standard and best-in-class methods for monitoring the variables. It also introduces a methodology for real-time monitoring of melt curtain temperature variability and presents cases studies of how management of internal extruder conditions reduces melt curtain variability, leading to improved process outcomes and product quality.

About the presenter, Andrew Christie:
Andy started Optex in 2002 to provide extrusion process optimization support to thin film extrusion converters, including blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, sheet, and specialty. In addition to trouble shooting and optimization Optex provides screw design, modifications design, training, equipment audits and specification developments.

Andy started at SAM North America - JV Subsidiary of the world class machinery manufacturer Sung An Machinery of Seoul, Korea in 2010.  SAM North America has grown steadily in the North and South American markets supplying SAM systems and support.  SAM has globally supplied printing presses, solution coating and processing machinery for 60 years with more than 600 installations in 26 countries. 


New Developments in Flexible Retort Packaging using Nylon

Friday, March 22, 2019, 10:00 AM EST | Webinar | Register Now


Presented by Sergi Salva Saez, Business Development Manager, UBE America
Flexible packaging for retort applications has many advantages over conventional formats; design freedom, transparency, heat transmission effectivity, longer shelf life…

Usage of Nylon in this application is optimal due to its mechanical and barrier properties, but also has drawbacks in terms of decrease of properties by hydrolysis degradation and reduced oxygen barrier after the process caused by the so called “Retort shock."

This webinar will show how by using a newly developed Nylon Copolymer and re-engineering the design of the film structure, it’s possible to develop a new generation of flexible packaging with enhanced resistance to the retort process and improved shelf life. Register Now


Blown and Cast Film Extrusion Course
March 12 – 14, 2019 | Savannah, GA




In this introductory-to-intermediate level course, participants will learn about common resins used, and equipment from the extruder through to the winder utilized in both Blown and Cast Film applications processes.  Experts in the field will discuss commonly faced problems in the cast film and blown film industry including troubleshooting problems such as occurrence of gels and winding defects.



Corona and Atmospheric Plasma 101
May 8, 2019 | Hartland, WI

This introductory course provides participants with an understanding of the fundamentals of corona and plasma treatment, and what treatment system adjustments can be made to improve surface treatment and adhesion outcomes. Combining formal classroom training and hands-on experience, attendees will learn how to apply the latest surface treatment technologies to improve adhesion and product performance.


Extrusion Coating Course
August 13 – 15, 2019 | Sheraton Suites Galleria, Atlanta, GA

This course is designed to help you learn about basic resin and equipment technology (extruders, dies, and auxiliary equipment) that have applications in the extrusion coating application process. You'll also obtain detailed instruction for equipment and process technology specific to the extrusion coating process. A team of experts in the field will discuss commonly faced process problems in extrusion coating.  

Attendees will gain a better understanding of materials and the extrusion processes that will enable you to improve your existing extrusion coating operation.

After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • List various product structures and their potential uses in packaging applications.
  • Identify and discuss the physical properties and processing issues for a variety of extrusion coating resins.
  • Discuss the capabilities, specifications, and limitations of various extrusion coating equipment.
  • Discuss the extrusion process that includes web handling, polymer processing, purging, and troubleshooting using the aid of video & literature.
  • Recognize the various surface treatment options that are available and their applications.
  • Identify the unique equipment and resin requirements for co-extrusion applications.
  • Explain the process requirements for making extrusion coated structures.
  • Identify safety concerns in the extrusion process.

Who benefits most from this course? Extrusion engineers, supervisors and operators, technical directors and superintendents, technical assistants and R&D personnel.

For maximum benefit, participants should have some familiarity with extrusion coating technology and terminology. A technical background and/or extrusion experience will be helpful.