2013 EU PLACE Conference Documents

The TAPPI European PLACE Conference 2015 was held May 6-8 in Dresden, Germany
The Conference featured a peer-reviewed technical program including more than 40 presentations and papers presented throughout the conference.

Technical Program proceedings are free to full conference attendees and TAPPI members, just simply login to TAPPI.ORG to download any of the presentations below.

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Session 1 - New Concepts—Machine—Products (Session Chair: Günter Schubert, Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH)

Session 2 – Extrusion Coating—Tips and Tricks (Session Chair: Beth Foederer, Optex Solutions)

Session 3 - Novelty Extrusion Process and PE (Session Chair: Auli Nummila-Pakarinen, Borealis Group)

Session 3 - Novelty Extrusion Process and PE Continued (Session Chair: Auli Nummila-Pakarinen, Borealis Group)

Session 4- Innovation Counter

Session 5—Sustainability (Session Chair: Linda van den Bossche, Exxon Mobil)

Session 6– Thin Layer Technology (Session Chair: Sven Sängerlaub, Fraunhofer IVV)

Session 7—Barrier Prediction and Measurement (Session Chair: Johanna Lahti, Tampere)

Session 8—Simulation and Modelling (Session Chair: Sascha Bach, Technische University)

Session 9—Poster Session

Session 10—Die Technology (Session Chair: Bernard Fehr, DOW Europe GmbH)

Session 11—Process Monitoring (Session Chair: Sarah Ghatnekar-Nilsson)

Session 12- Tabletop Walk and Reception 

Session 13 - Another Day-Another Die (Session Chair: Michael Gerstenberger, Lion Consulting)

Session 14 - Sealants and Sealing (Session Chair: Otto Plassmann, Ineos Koeln GmbH)